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Exchanges by Writer

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Abigail Johnson Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 15 X
Abigail Johnson Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 16 X
Alice He Terry Owenby Round 08  X
Alice He Amy Casada Round 09  X
Alice He Terry Owenby Round 11  
Amy Casada Dorina Harangus Round 08  
Amy Casada Jeanette Cook Round 09  X
Amy Casada Roope Laine Round 10  
Ankie Van Dijk Jeanette Cook Round 17 X
Ágrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallssons Denis Smith Round 01  
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Mark Russell Round 02  
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Jeanette Cook Round 03  X
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Mike Busam Round 04  
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Dorina Harangus Round 05  
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Barbara Ruotolo Round 08  X
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Terry Owenby Round 09  X
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Jeanette Cook Round 11  X
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Virginia Milici Round 13  X
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Terry Owenby Round 14 X
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Jackie Taylor Round 15  
Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Kimm Kiriako Round 16 X
Axel Calatayud  Dona Mayoora Round 01  X
Axel Calatayud  Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 02  
Axel Calatayud  Terry Owenby Round 03  X
Axel Calatayud  Jackie Taylor Round 04  X
Axel Calatayud Savanna Brook Winfrey Round 05  X
Barbara Ruotolo  Dorina Harangus Round 01  
Barbara Ruotolo  Lynn Britton Radford Round 03  
Barbara Ruotolo  Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 04  X
Barbara Ruotolo Rachel McNeill Round 05  X
Barbara Ruotolo Roope Laine  Round 06  
Barbara Ruotolo Mike Busam Round 07  X
Barbara Ruotolo Kimm Kiriako Round 08  X
Barbara Ruotolo Elise McCluskey Round 10  
Brandstifter Terry Owenby Round 13  X
Castro Castro  Rachel McNeill Round 01  X
Castro Castro  Jeanette Cook Round 02  
Castro Castro  Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 03  X
Castro Castro  Diane Keys Round 04  X
Charlene Cabral  Moan Lisa Round 01  
Charlene Cabral  John McConnochie Round 02  
Charlene Cabral  Diane Keys Round 03  X
Charlene Cabral  Jay Rick Snodgrass Round 04  X
Cinzia Farina Jackie Taylor Round 12  X
Cinzia Farina Virginia Milici Round 14  X
Cinzia Farina Kimm Kiriako Round 15 X
Cinzia Farina NC Magnusson Round 16 X
De Villo Sloan  Moan Lisa Round 02  
Denis Smith  Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 01  X
Denis Smith  Jake Kane Round 03  
Denis Smith  NP Nadia Nik Round 04  
Diane Keys  Castro Castro Round 01  
Diane Keys  Leanne Bridgewater Round 02  
Diane Keys  Dorina Harangus Round 03  X
Diane Keys  Barbara Ruotolo Round 04  X
Dona Mayoora  Jeanette Cook Round 01  
Dona Mayoora  Michael Jacobson Round 02  
Dona Mayoora  Moan Lisa Round 03  
Dona Mayoora  Dorina Harangus Round 04  
Dorina Harangus  Mark Russell Round 01  X
Dorina Harangus  Rachel McNeill Round 03  
Dorina Harangus  Jeanette Cook Round 04  X
Dorian Harangus Mark Russell Round 05  
Dorina Harangaus Rrose Selavy  Round 06  X
Dorina Harangus Virginia Milici Round 07  X
Dorina Harangus Jeanette Cook Round 08  X
Dorina Harangus Kimm Kiriako Round 11  X
Dorina Harangus Giulia Passarinho Round 12  X
Elsie Mc Cluskey Kimm Kiriako Round 10  
Eme A Noreña Roope Laine Round 09  
Eme A. Noreña Roope Laine Round 05  
Giulia Passarinho Martins Chiello Terry Owenby Round 12  X
Greg Aubin  Mike Busam Round 02  
Heather McKinney Virginia Milici Round 15  
Ivan Pope  Charlene Cabral Round 01  
Ivan Pope  Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 02  
Ivan Pope  Axel Calatayud Round 03  
Ivan Pope  Asgrimur Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 04  
Jackie Taylor  Phil Openshaw Round 01  X
Jackie Taylor  Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 03  X
Jackie Taylor  Terry Owenby Round 04  X
Jackie Taylor Mike Busam Round 05  X
Jackie Taylor Barbara Ruotolo  Round 06  X
Jackie Taylor Dorina Harangous Round 07  X
Jackie Taylor Amy Casada Round 08  
Jackie Taylor Marcia Brauer Round 10  X
Jackie Taylor Richard Creighton Round 11  X
Jackie Taylor Victoria Fellows Round 12  
Jackie Taylor Heather McKinney Round 15 X
Jackie Taylor Nicola Simmons Round 16 X
Jake Kane  Mike Busam Round 01  
Jake Kane  Ivan Pope Round 02  
Jake Kane  Ivan Pope Round 03  
Jake Kane  Charlene Cabral Round 04  X
Jay Snodgrass  Nadia Aroca Round 01  
Jay Snodgrass  Nadia Aroca Round 03  X
Jay Snodgrass  Phil Openshaw Round 04  
Jeanette Cook  Jake Kane Round 01  X
Jeanette Cook  De Villo Sloan Round 02  
Jeanette Cook  Jackie Taylor Round 03  
Jeanette Cook  Savanna Brook WinfreySavanna Brook Winfrey Round 04  X
Jeanette Cook Jackie Taylor Round 05  X
Jeanette Cook Maria Teresa Cazzaro  Round 06  X
Jeanette Cook Kimm Kiriako Round 07  X
Jeanette Cook Virginia Milici Round 08  
Jeanette Cook Eme A Noreña Round 09  X
Jeanette Cook Amy Casada Round 10  X
Jeanette Cook Dorina Harangus Round 11  X
Jeanette Cook Roope Laine Round 12  X
Jeanette Cook Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 13  
Jeanette Cook Richard Creighton Round 14  X
Jeanette Cook Abigail Johnson Round 15  X
Jeanette Cook Cinzia Farina Round 16 X
John McConnochie  Jake Kane Round 02  
Josh Medsker Jeanette Cook Round 15 X
Josh Medsker Terry Owenby Round 16 X
Kim Howlett Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 10  
Kimm Kiriako  Charlene Cabral Round 03  X
Kimm Kiriako  Ivan Pope Round 04  X
Kimm Kiriako Dorina Harangaus  Round 06  X
Kimm Kiriako Rachel McNeill Round 07  X
Kimm Kiriako Mike Busam Round 08  X
Kimm Kiriako Alice He Round 09  X
Kimm Kiriako Terry Owenby Round 10  X
Kimm Kiriako Jackie Taylor Round 11  X
Kimm Kiriako Nicola Simmons Round 12  X
Kimm Kiriako Cinzia Farina Round 13  X
Kimm Kiriako NC Magnusson Round 14 X
Kimm Kiriako Roope Laine Round 15 X
Kimm Kiriako Jeanette Cook Round 16 X
Kimm Kiriako Ágrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallssons Round 17 X
Leanne Bridgewater  Nadia Aroca Round 02  
Lynn Radford  Barbara Ruotolo Round 01  
Lynn Radford  Gregory Aubin Round 02  
Lynn Radford  Denis Smith Round 03  
Lynn Radford  Jake Kane Round 04  
Marcia Brauer Virginia Milici Round 09  X
Marcia Brauer Barbara Ruotolo Round 10  X
Marcia Brauer Cinzia Farina Round 12  X
Marcia Brauer Brandstifter Round 13  X
Marcia Brauer Han Kyaw Moe Round 14  
Maria Teresa Cazzaro  Ivan Pope Round 01  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro  Mauro Césari Round 02  
Maria Teresa Cazzaro  Phil Openshaw Round 03  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro  Moan Lisa Round 04  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Axel Calatayud Round 05  
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Savanna Winfrey Round 06  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Nadia Nik Round 07  
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Alice He Round 08  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Marcia Brauer Round 09  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Richard Creighton Round 10  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 11  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Dorina Harangus Round 12  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Nicola Simmons Round 13  X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Heather McKinney Round 15 X
Maria Teresa Cazzaro Olesya Volk Round 16 X
Mark Russel Barbara Ruotolo Round 05  
Mark Russell  Jackie Taylor Round 01  
Mark Russell  Diane Keys Round 02  
Mark Russell  Mike Busam Round 03  
Mark Russell  Rachel McNeill Round 04  
Mauro Cesari  Phil Openshaw Round 02  
Michael Jacobson  Terry Owenby Round 02  
Mike Busam  Jay Snodgrass Round 01  
Mike Busam  Don M Art Round 02  
Mike Busam  Dona Mayoora Round 03  
Mike Busam  Dona Mayoora Round 04  
Mike Busam Eme A Noreña Round 05  
Mike Busam Virginia Milici  Round 06  X
MIke Busam Jeanette Cook Round 07  X
Mike Busam Roope Laine Round 08  
Moan Lisa  Savanna Brook Winfrey Round 01  X
Moan Lisa  Charlene Cabral Round 02  X
Moan Lisa  Jay Snodgrass Round 03  
Moan Lisa  Denis Smith Round 04  
Nadia Aroca  Lynn Britton Radford Round 01  X
Nadia Aroca  Lynn Britton Radford Round 02  X
Nadia Aroca  Kimm Kiriako Round 03  X
Nadia Aroca  Kimm Kiriako Round 04  
Nadia Nik Jackie Taylor Round 07  
NC Magnusson Roope Laine Round 14 X
NC Magnusson Cinzia Farina Round 15  
NC Magnusson Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 16 X
NC Magnusson Kimm Kiriako Round 17 X
Nicola Simmons Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 11  X
Nicola Simmons Virginia Milici Round 12  X
Nicola Simmons Richard Creighton Round 13  X
Nicola Simmons Jeanette Cook Round 14 X
Nicola Simmons Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 15 X
Nicola Simmons Jackie Taylor Round 16 X
NP Nik  Axel Calatayud Round 01  
NP Nik  Axel Calatayud Round 02  
NP Nik  Castro Castro Round 03  
NP Nik  Nadia Aroca Round 04  
Olesya Volk Roope Laine Round 16 X
Phil Openshaw  Asgrimur Thorhallsson Round 01  
Phil Openshaw  NP Nik Round 02  X
Phil Openshaw  Mark Russell Round 03  X
Phil Openshaw  Axel Calatayud Round 04  
Rachel McNeil Roope Laine Round 01  X
Rachel McNeil Barbara Ruotolo Round 03  X
Rachel McNeil Castro Castro Round 04  
Rachel McNeil Terry Owenby Round 05  X
Rachel McNeil Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 07  
Richard Creighton Jeanette Cook Round 10  X
Richard Creighton  Virginia Milici Round 11  X
Richard Creighton  Kimm Kiriako Round 14  
Roope Laine  NP Nik Round 01  
Roope Laine  Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 06  X
Roope Laine Barbara Ruotolo Round 07  
Roope Laine Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 08  X
Roope Laine Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 09  X
Roope Laine Jackie Taylor  Round 10  
Roope Laine Nicola Simmons Round 11  X
Roope Laine Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 12  X
Roope Laine Jeanette Cook Round 13  X
Roope Laine Marcia Brauer Round 14  
Roope Laine Heather McKinney Round 15  
Roope Laine Virginia Milici Round 16 X
Rrose Selavy Mike Busam  Round 06  
Savanna Brook Winfrey  Terry Owenby Round 01  
Savanna Brook Winfrey Jeanette Cook Round 05  X
Savanna Brook Winfrey  Kimm Kiriako  Round 06  X
Scott Christian Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 09  
Terry Owenby  Diane Keys Round 01  X
Terry Owenby  Castro Castro Round 02  X
Terry Owenby  Nadia Nik Round 03  X
Terry Owenby  Mark Russell Round 04  
Terry Owenby Maria Teresa Cazzaro Round 05  X
Terry Owenby Jeanette Cook Round 06  X
Terry Owenby Jackie Taylor Round 08  
Terry Owenby Scott Christian Round 09  X
Terry Owenby Virginia Milici  Round 10  X
Terry Owenby Roope Laine Round 11  X
Terry Owenby Marcia Brauer Round 12  
Terry Owenby Kimm Kiriako Round 13  X
Terry Owenby Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 14  X
Terry Owenby Kimm Kiriako Round 13  X
Terry Owenby Josh Medsker Round 16  
Terry Owenby Virginia Milici Round 17 X
Victoria Fellows Kimm Kiriako Round 12  
Virginia Milici Jackie Taylor  Round 06  X
Virginia Milici Roope Laine Round 07  X
Virginia Milici Ásgrímur Kuldaboli Þórhallsson Round 08  X
Virginia Milici Kimm Kiriako Round 09  X
Virginia Milici Kim Howlett Round 10  X
Virginia Milici Alice He Round 11  X
Virginia Milici Jeanette Cook Round 12  X
Virginia Milici Marica Brauer Round 13  X
Virginia Milici Cinzia Farina Round 14  X
Virginia Milici Nicola Simmons Round 15  X
Virginia Milici Abigail Johnson Round 16 X
Virginia Milici Terry Owenby Round 17 X