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About the project

The Asemics Exchange Project is a group of asemic writers from around the world who exchange 4 page booklets of asemic art and writing every two months via snail mail.  As of December 4, 2018 we are on Round Seventeen.

It’s a fun day at the mailbox when our latest exchange arrives, either coming or going!  See the Facebook link in the header to join or learn more about the group.

Originally conceived of by Moan Lisa, the group is now administered by Maria Teresa Cazzaro and Terry Owenby.  Currently there are around 150 members.  Most members come from Michael Jacobson’s larger Facebook group, Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate which has close to 14,000 members.

This blog shares many of the asemic booklets that have been exchanged, organized by round.

Special thanks to Richard Creighton for inspiring and pulling together resources for each of our rounds.